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We are MBM ( Mid Brain Masters ) Gurukul, we wish to promote and create more and more talents as our goal, we are continuously learning and study the brain activation method and now we have the special mode in the potential development of the midbrain activation.


We MBM (Mid Brain Master) Gurukul are wholly owned subsidiary of MBM Malaysia. We are MBM Midbrain Master Training Center Sdn Bhd Malaysia, we established in year 2009 and presently working in 17 countries.Our vision to help to each and every individul to know his talent and potential and confirm them whether they are pushing a door or pushing a wall in his life. Our mission is to rise up a new generation of people who know how to maximize the use of mind. Our objective is to enhance concentration, memory, imagination and creativity, Self confidence, absorption capabilities, emotional stability and quantum speed reading.

Our Testimonials

Our Program / Courses

Mid Brain / ESP

The brain enhancement midbrain activation Workshop is conducted for two day. In this program on the second day of workshop children start seeing blindfolded, reading & writing blindfolded, they can even start identifying things blindfolded.

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We offer specialized course using the ancient Abacus aided with the latest methods and technologies for the complete brain development of your kid. We have developed a curriculum to teach Mathematics by complete understanding and visualization.

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Each person has their own unique style of handwriting, whether it is everyday handwriting or their personal signature.

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Rubik's Cube

The Cube Is Extremely challenging because there are many Ways to solve and the best Brain solves a cube in the least possible time.

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Dermatoglyphics is the study of ridged skin patterns (also known as dermatoglyphs) which can be found on fingers, palms, toes and soles.

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Happy Students

  • Virupaakash Madhan

Science I’ve joined MBM Gurukula I am enjoying everything here I read, play and draw by blind folded eyes. When I have join here is have become inelegant when I am good in studies and in everything and know I am happy and feeling good.

  • Varsha Ranjan

Here my concentration level increased. I had been here since more than three months. Confidence level is developed in me. This institution is very beneficial for me and for every child and as well as for the adults. It is a lifetime gift for every child.